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StarCraft II Team A Manager

My name is Johannes Gorzel, I am midMaster Random and played SC2 since its release. Within this time I slowly went up my way from Bronze to Master being Terran, Zerg and finally Random. I live in Lower Saxony, Germany an I’m known to be a very talented singer and a skilled troll/flamer, so don’t take me too serious! : D
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Community Manager

Hi I’m Gerhard “Garin” Beham. I’m a 18 year old austrian protoss player. I play SC2 since the end of season 1 and worked my way up to masters from bronze. I mostly play SC2 for fun. I will be the “Community Manager” for sgeht so i will organize stuff like small tournaments or fun nights where we just play random fun games in sc2 and enjoy ourselves :D
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StarCraft II Team B Manager

My name is Yves Geib, I’m 19 years old and I live in Germany. I am always up for some games in Dota2, LoL, HotS, WC3, Minecraft or CS:GO, but my favourite game is the friggin SC2 WoL! I play SC2 since its release and I’m currently ranked in Diamond-League. Needless to say that I play Zerg! ;) Unfortunately I don’t have enough perseverance to ladder every day which is why Master-League will always be far away. I’m always willed to invest my time in our great clan, though. Not only because I am a member since the foundation of an Sgeht-SC2-Squad.
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StarCraft II Team B Co-Manager

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StarCraft II Team B Co-Manager

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StarCraft II Community Team Co-Manager

Team A

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sgeht delking
Hey, my name is Denis “Delking” Gromut and I am a German Protoss player who is known for his own Voidray style in WoL and wierd timings in HotS. I am well known in the german scene and played for Vega-Squadron before joining Sgeht. I am a High/Grand Master who cannot make the next step to become Pro because of long periods of not playing at all and the missing time.

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sgeht indy
Hello everyone. Igor ‘Indy’ Kaczmarek here. I am 19 years old Protoss player from Poland. I play StarCraft 2 since 2011 Feb. I love playing this game because its individual game and its quite hard to be really good.
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sgeht biphy
Hey, my Name is Jakob Klamser, I’m 24 years old and I currently live in Frankfurt in Germany. Im playing SC2 for one and a half year. By the way, I’m a Zerg player.
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sgeht child

Yo, My name is Alex from Germany. Thank you for congratulating me, it’s nice to get recognition for becoming Grand Master. I am happy that I did it in my last season of WoL and I hope I can do it again in HotS.

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Sup, I am Dimitri “Teardrop” Paraskevopoulos and I am a 24 year old Zerg player from Germany. I started with Starcraft 1 a long time ago( 2001) and am still playing it (with some pauses). As you can see I can’t get my fingers off that game. :)

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sgeht fire
Hi, I’m Benedikt Sperk aka fiRE.
I’m 25 years old and from Germany. I started playing RTS competetive back in 05 with Warcraft 3.
I want to make a comeback under a different name now in Starcraft 2.
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sgeht Clanwappen
I am Sebastian, 23 years-old and I live in Frederiksberg, a city within Copenhagen, Denmark. I study math at the university of Copenhagen. In my sparetime I like to run, work-out, hang out with friends and ofcourse play Starcraft. As far as RTS games go, it all began when a childhood friend of mine introduced me to Warcraft I many, many years ago.
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sgeht gypsy
Hi everyone my names Sam Crellin. I’m an 18 year old Zerg player from the US. I’ve been playing starcraft 2 for now just over a year and a half. It’s my first RTS experience and immediately I fell in love. Ever since then i’ve been working extremely hard on setting goals to get better and achieveing them. Currently I’m high masters playing GMs and am aiming to close that gap in the coming months! I hope i can bring some awesome games and do the best that I can for the team.

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sgeht majorterran
Yo, I’m Voitto “MajoRTerraN” (VOrE) Häkkinen, a 16 year old finnish high master player and I’m going to high school here. Always loved starcraft, but didn’t get into broodwar until 2007 because my cousins kept pushing me into watching and playing it so I gotta thank theem for doing it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. By the way, I’m terran. =)

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sgeht complain
Hey , I’m Amit from Israel. Playing Starcraft for one year, mid/high master at Terran and playing some random sometimes. Right now I’m playing to get better, having fun from tournaments here and there. At this moment my computer is pretty dead so i can’t play that much but hopefully will get a new one soon.
I wish to stream too when I’ll have a better computer so look up for that :)

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