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StarCraft II

My name is Johannes Gorzel, I am midMaster Random and played SC2 since its release. Within this time I slowly went up my way from Bronze to Master being Terran, Zerg and finally Random. I live in Lower Saxony, Germany an I’m known to be a very talented singer and a skilled troll/flamer, so don’t take me too serious! : D
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Hey guys! My name is Yves Geib, I’m 19 years old and I live in Germany. I am always up for some games in Dota2, LoL, HotS, WC3, Minecraft or CS:GO, but my favourite game is the friggin SC2 WoL! I play SC2 since its release and I’m currently ranked in Diamond-League. Needless to say that I play Zerg! ;) Unfortunately I don’t have enough perseverance to ladder every day which is why Master-League will always be far away. I’m always willed to invest my time in our great clan, though. Not only because I am a member since the foundation of an Sgeht-SC2-Squad.
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