Team Holy

Sgeht Holymaster



My name is Dennis Schumacher, I’m 22 years old and play Dota/Dota2 for 6 years now. Within the scene, I’m known for being a cup admin who is capable of playing decently good.For more, check the interview
sgeht Clanwappen


Secondary Support

Plays in a band! Will soon succeed me as the most famous team member. He is not only our primary drafter but also our most versatile team member, since he can play almost every position decently well.
sgeht Clanwappen


Carry, Drafter

Our carry. Usually farms as much creep as the rest of the team together and he dies the least stupid suicide moves from all of us (generally I’m the one who does the most).

Hi! My name is Tobias and I’m a 24 year old engineering student from Germany.
I’ve been playing DotA for about 9 years, with some breaks caused by the WoW disease.
In our Team I am responsible for the drafts, the late game and the most important thing, bad jokes.

sgeht Clanwappen


Primary Support

Full-blood support. Wards the whole map, even in freakin’ pub games. I think he can’t help it but it’s good for us. He has superior map overview and rarely goes unsung.
sgeht Clanwappen


Solo Side

One of three Dota players worldwide, who don’t overestimate themselves. I don’t know the other two. Plays secondary support or offlane.

Hi I’m Andreas Biersack, a 23 year old medical-computerscience student from Germany.
I’ve been playing Dota/Dota2 for over 5 years now and although I had some major breaks I always liked the game.
Until I got my Dota2 beta invite I wasn’t serious about the game, at all.
But I improved very fast through Teamliquid-Inhouses and other stuff.
I’ve got Twitter (@anbi2199) and Twitch-Channel ( on which I’ll try to stream most of the team matchmaking games we play.
As I am little lazy the Twitter is very inactive.
I also play CSGO, SFIV casually.