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Köln ist bereit für die nächste Generation interaktiver Unterhaltung … und Sgeht ist es auch!

Posted 27. Juli 2013 by LuckySlevin

                    Die Sonne strahlt auf uns herab, die Temperaturen steigen über die 30-Grad-Marke und das Eis schmilzt schon, wenn man es gerade gekauft hat: optimale Bedingungen um, im Zeitraum vom 21.08.2013 bis zum 25.08.2013, die „gamescom“ (in Köln) zu besuchen.   Die gamescom, weltweit größte Messe [...]

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MTA – #rollout

Posted 4. Juli 2013 by Newbton

  Die Planung der MTA nähert sich ihrem Ende, da nun die festen Zusagen festehen müssen und die Vorkasse überwiesen werden muss. Teilgenommen wird an der MTA 82 (05/06.12 – 08.12) und die Kosten betragen 85€ bei Anreise am Freitag bzw. 100€ am Donnerstag. Die Vorkasse von 50€ muss bis Mittwoch dem 10.07. auf IceH’s [...]

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urtl asd

Sgeht advancing to URTL Playoffs

Posted 30. Juni 2013 by Newbton

  Playoff brackets:

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An update about our StarCraft II Teams structures

Posted 18. Juni 2013 by Newbton

Recently the rosters of our Teams have been edited. We transfered players between Team A, Team B and the Community Team. Also there are a few new additions to our Community. To give you an overview the current lineups of our Teams and their schedules are following. Team A weekly schedule Monday 19:00 20:00 GO4SC2 [...]

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spirates header

Interview with Timestamp

Posted 30. Mai 2013 by Newbton

Hello,Timestamp! In the URTL match of Sgeht against Pulse people got to see you as dominating Terran. You performed impressively well and executed an all kill. Please introduce yourself. Hi. My name is Johan and I am a 22 years old Swede. I’ve loved playing PC and console games since I was little, starting with Mario on [...]

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david gegen goliath

Sgeht versus Na’Vi

Posted 24. Mai 2013 by Newbton

Quite some time ago we were promised it. Now we’re getting it! As stated by myStarCraft’s Mori and IceH in our Friendly Clanwar against NoN eSports Sgeht will be facing the final endboss! Na’Vi and its prestigious roster are challenged. On the 6th of June the two teams will face off in a best of seven [...]

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urtl article group B

URTL so far – Venimus, vidimus, vicimus.

Posted 22. Mai 2013 by Newbton

On 1st of April Sgeht started participating in the Under Rated Gaming League, which is organized by the american team Under Rated. The group phase consists of 11 playweeks of which 6 have now been completed and broadcasted. I would like to give everyone interested an overview about how Sgeht’s StarCraft II team did so [...]

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biphy header

Introducing sgehtBiphy

Posted 29. April 2013 by Newbton

I am proud to announce the recent recruitment of sgehtBiphy! In following I am pleased to publish an interview with Biphy.

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Sgeht StarCraft II Update

Posted 28. April 2013 by Newbton

Sgeht StarCraft II has rapidly changed within the last months. This article is to give you a general overview on what our projects status is now. First of all I have to thank the volunteers that are helping Sgeht and creating a Community and Team with such great atmosphere! I am talking about the managers of [...]

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