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Sgeht SC2 vs. NoN eSports

Posted 13. Februar 2013 by Newbton

On Tuesday the 26th of February at 7pm CET Sgeht StarCraft II and NoN eSports are going to engage in an epic battle! What makes it epic is not only the amazing players, but also Mori and sgehtIceH casting! Sgehts followers might already experienced such an event but this time it is going to be much [...]

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StarCraft II VoDs

Sgeht vs .SCA

Posted 25. März 2013 by Newbton

english cast by Cero and Olibaby (starting at 11 minutes):

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Mists of Pandaria Beta Key Verlosung

Posted 5. September 2012 by Jonathan "NephewJ" Reimund

Hallo Leute heute gibts von uns ein kleines Gewinnspiel. Es geht um einen WOW – Mists of Pandaria Beta Key. Er wird unter allen Leuten die den Beitrag hier Liken und Teilen, und auch bei auf Gefällt mir gedrückt haben verlost. Die Verlosung läuft bis Sonntag (09.09.12) Also Kräftig Teilen und liken. =) und schaut [...]

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Hendrik’s Windows 8 Review – First Report

Posted 7. Januar 2013 by IceH

Don’t get me wrong: Windows 8 looks nice (very… basic and without a lot of stuff, I’d say: resource friendly), it runs smoothly, I didn’t have any problems so far. But on the other side… it didn’t offer more than my Windows 7 did until that point.

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Sgeht substitutes Manager with Monkey

Posted 1. April 2013 by IceH

  ORIGINAL NEWS Today Sgeht decided to take the next step of evolution. We proudly announce that Johannes “Newton” Gorzel will be released from his position as a game/team manager of the StarCraft II team A. To be honest: The whole StarCraft II team performed under expectations and ended up hurting Sgeht’s perfect reputation. This [...]

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League of Legends
Sgeht LoL

Sgeht LoL recruiting

Posted 24. März 2013 by sgehtOlibaby

Hey guys,   this notice is directed towards ambitious gamers who have a  focus on League of Legends and are eager to move into a more professional environment. To make the requirements neater and easier to read, they are formated into short bullet points. To recieve more information regarding the team which is not listed [...]

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UPDATE : MTA-LAN – Diesmal richtig !

Posted 18. September 2012 by IceH

Am 7-9 Dezember findet die nächste MTA-LAN statt und Sgeht wird dabei sein !
Eine wackere Truppe an Teilnehmern wird die MTA erobern und Sgeht wird in aller Munde sein ;)

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sgeht indy

Interview with Indy

Posted 15. April 2013 by Newbton

Hello, Indy! In the URTL match of Sgeht against Infinity Seven people got to see you as the saviour of Sgeht. You did really well and won 3 games to decide the series. Please introduce yourself. Hello everyone. Igor ‘Indy’ Kaczmarek here. I am 19 years old Protoss player from Poland. I play StarCraft 2 [...]

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Video Game High School

Posted 31. August 2012 by IceH

In einer nahen, alternativen Zukunft in der es eSports zum wichtigsten Aspekt des Planeten geschafft hat, schafft es Brian D in einem sehr chaotischen Moment den legendären “The Law”, dem wohl besten Spieler in Brians favorisierten Spiel “Field of Fire” (sieht aus wie Battlefield 3), zu killen.

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