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30. Juni 2013

Sgeht advancing to URTL Playoffs

urtl asd


The group phase of the URTL is completed and we finished second in our group being one point behind PrOperty, who were proven to be a difficult challenge. Entering the Playoff stage we were seeded into having to play the very first round of the bracket.

Honestly this bracket seems to be the worst possible for us. Argueably the two best teams (PrOperty and Clarity Gaming) are both on our side of the bracket. To even get to play these we have to beat oGaming at first, though. This is already a huge challenge.

The dates of our matches are not scheduled yet. Be sure to like us on to stay updated on that!

Playoff brackets:

About the Author

I'm the manager of Sgehts Team A in StarCraft II. You can contact me ingame (sgehtNewbton.680) and via Skype (newnewton1994).