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2. Juni 2013

Sgeht Pixelmon Relaunch


Ladies and Gentlemen,

you probably all wanted to become a Pokemon Champion. Back in the day, blue and red have been THE games to have on the Gameboy. Today: Sgeht brings the Pokemon world home to you. In Minecraft.

Become the greatest Champion of them all, build yourself a house, an own village, an Arena. Help writing the story of this world and experience the wonders of Moria and of the rest of the Pokemon World. Hundreds of Pokemon (mostly first Generation) are included – as well as potions, pokeballs, badges and all there is in order to become a true Pokemon Champion.

All you need in order to participate is this:

ATTENTION: The server is still work in progress. There will be plenty of changes in the future. New Pixelmon, new client versions, new functions and more. Please stay tuned.


How to install Pixelmon

  • Download the prepared Client
  • Unzip the content
  • Open a File Browser Window (any Folder on your PC) and enter %appdata% in the Directory Line
  • Cut the “.minecraft” folder and paste it into your “Appdata/Roaming” Folder
  • Start the Launcher which is located in “.minecraft/minecraft launcher”
  • Choose a name and start the application
  • Choose “Multiplayer” and then choose the Server “Sgeht”
  • Have Fun !



Your Start in the World of Pokemon

First you have to register. You can do that by pressing “t” for “talkT and then type “/register PASSWORD PASSWORD”. After that you will be granted a Start Pokemon. Choose wisely. After that you will be a guest on our Server. Only Moderators will be able to promote you to a full Member. So just ask in the chat for a moderator, or just visit our teamspeak on Guests are not able to interact with anything on the server – however: They can walk around and see the greatness of this world.




Pixelmon image

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