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30. Mai 2013

Interview with Timestamp

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Hello,Timestamp! In the URTL match of Sgeht against Pulse people got to see you as dominating Terran. You performed impressively well and executed an all kill. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Johan and I am a 22 years old Swede. I’ve loved playing PC and console games since I was little, starting with Mario on Super Nintendo but then progressed to PC games such as WoW and then SC2.
Starcraft2 was actually my first RTS game. When I started playing in WoL beta I wasn’t very good at all, ending up in copper league (lowest league at the time). But as I continued playing my skill increased aswell.

I think I did pretty well against Pulse.

Focussing on your play, how do you think your matchups are developing in HotS and do you think the new game suits your style better?

In WoL I played mostly Bio while in HotS I play almost only mech.

My gameplay has changed a lot.

Endgame in WoL for terrans was always hard against both Protoss and Zerg (GGlords). That’s why I always tried to end the game before they got a maxed out army.
Now in HotS I don’t think their armies become as scary when playing mech, so I can focus more on macro and endgame myself.mechtvp

When this season started many fellow Sgeht members and probably you yourself were shocked to not see you placed in the GrandMasters division. What are your thoughts on it? Does it motivate you?

I thought I would make it into GM ladder again, but I knew it would be harder compared to season1. I played a lot of HoTS beta which gave me an advantage over players that didn’t, which helped me get into GM. Now when the game has been out for awhile I don’t have that advantage anymore.

What development do you expect in the future regarding your skill level and you within Sgeht?

I hope that I can continue to improve my game. Sometimes I fall into periods where I just don’t play well at all, because I am distracted by different things.

This is something I have to work on, to not fall into these situations.

I know for a fact that people would love to see you stream your gameplay. Are there any issues or plans you have?

I might start streaming if when I feel my game has improved.

About the Author

I'm the manager of Sgehts Team A in StarCraft II. You can contact me ingame (sgehtNewbton.680) and via Skype (newnewton1994).