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24. Mai 2013

Sgeht versus Na’Vi

david gegen goliath

Quite some time ago we were promised it. Now we’re getting it! As stated by myStarCraft’s Mori and IceH in our Friendly Clanwar against NoN eSports Sgeht will be facing the final endboss!

Constantly IceH and Mori were jerking around. “Hue hue, we should challenge these guys more.” “Didn’t you have a special guest who could help, Mori?” “Let’s talk in russian accent to give an advice Hue Hue.” Well, yeah… Mori had FXOeu’s manager FXOFairon cocasting on sunday. Apperantly the winner of Sgeht vs NoN is supposed to face FXOeu.

Sgeht SC2 is looking forward to play these guys. So far we hardly got information about our oponents, but IceH already got to know that they have some “BabyWarrior” and a guy called “Sprellock” in their roster. We shall see!

Na’Vi and its prestigious roster are challenged. On the 6th of June the two teams will face off in a best of seven all kill format series.  Following are the lineups of each team.

1. ESL Daybreak
sgehtIndy vs NaVi.Minato
ESL Akilon Wastes
ESL Bel’Shir Vestige
ESL Daybreak
ESL Neo Planet S
ESL Newkrik Precinct
ESL Star Station
ESL Whirlwind


ZergIcon NaVi.HappyZerg
ZergIcon NaVi.LoWeLy
ZergIcon NaVi.Minato
ProtossIcon NaVi.BabyKnight
TerranIcon NaVi.Strelok
ZergIcon sgehtBiphy ProtossIcon sgehtDelking ProtossIcon sgehtBBQKingPrime
ZergIcon sgehtCella ProtossIcon Indy ProtossIcon sgehtfiRE
TerranIcon sgehtTimestamp ZergIcon sgehtChild ZergIcon sgehtGypsy
ZergIcon sgehtTeardrop ZergIcon sgehtSkowze ZergIcon sgehtAddaz
ProtossIcon sgehtRaGtheMaN TerranIcon sgehtVOrE TerranIcon sgehtComplain
ZergIcon sgehtKjeks TerranIcon sgehtRhythmic

mystarcraftYou want more cool news? Plenty viewers will be around since Sgeht vs Na’Vi will be broadcasted by Mori on his german stream again! The english couverage will be provided by Under Rated Gaming!

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I'm the manager of Sgehts Team A in StarCraft II. You can contact me ingame (sgehtNewbton.680) and via Skype (newnewton1994).