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22. Mai 2013

URTL so far – Venimus, vidimus, vicimus.

urtl article group B

On 1st of April Sgeht started participating in the Under Rated Gaming League, which is organized by the american team Under Rated. The group phase consists of 11 playweeks of which 6 have now been completed and broadcasted. I would like to give everyone interested an overview about how Sgeht’s StarCraft II team did so far.

The Group

Sgeht has been seeded into group B. This group started with  8 american and 3 european teams including PrOpery, iPLAY, Infinity Seven and Pulse eSports as well known, scary oponents.

The Matches

Before checking out the matches results you might favour watching the VoDs.

Sgeht vs Infinity Seven

sgehtBBQKingPrime vs iSTbeezy
sgehtBBQKingPrime vs iSKoMA
sgehtChild vs iSKoMA
EtherNaL(left team) vs iSKoMA
Indy vs iSKoMA
Indy vs iSAxslav
Indy vs iSTubbyTheFat
Sgeht 4  - 3 Infinity Seven

Sgeht vs Team eXe

sgehtTimestamp vs eXeComBro
sgehtTimestamp vs eXeBlackmamba
sgehtTimestamp vs eXeSoulquest
sgehtTimestamp vs eXeHephaistas
sgehtChild vs eXeHephaistas
Sgeht 4 - 1 eXe

Sgeht vs exioN

sgehtTeardrop vs exioNQuonzar
sgehtTeardrop vs exioNEclipze
sgehtTeardrop vs exioNSinsa
sgehtTeardrop vs exioNSkipper
sgehtChild vs exioNSkipper
Sgeht 4 - 1 exioN

Sgeht vs ExG

Indy vs ExGnagano
Sgeht 1 - 0 Infinity Seven

Sgeht vs Glory to the Brave

sgehtSkowze vs GrBClouD
sgehtSkowze vs GrBPain
sgehtSkowze vs GrBRevenge
sgehtSnowZi vs GrBRevenge
sgehtSnowZi vs GrBDark
sgehtBiphy vs GrBDark
Sgeht 4 - 2 Glory to the Brave


The future

Sgeht vs Purdue Starcraft Club
From what we know PSC should be not that big of a challenge. According to their clanladder there is only one strong looking player called “Defgfed” whos current ladder status seems below our Team A’s level still.
Sgeht vs Pulse eSports
Pulse is definately one of the 4 tough oponents in that group. They do currently have two GrandMasters and two to three more players who compete on our players level in their lineup. The outcome of this match will probably be strongly influenced by the availability of Delking and Indy.
Sgeht vs Macro/Micro
MnM’s list makes us feel very confident. It seems very unlikely that we can lose.
Sgeht vs PrOperty
Knowing PrOperty from the european ladder we can call them the greatest challenge in our group. Their lineup is very solid.
Sgeht vs iPLAY
We know iPLAY and its roster quite well. They will surely be able to send out challenging players.

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About the Author

I'm the manager of Sgehts Team A in StarCraft II. You can contact me ingame (sgehtNewbton.680) and via Skype (newnewton1994).