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1. April 2013

Sgeht substitutes Manager with Monkey


UPDATE: Looks like Mr. Monkey was identified during a party trip shortly after getting announced as the new StarCraft II manager. We will look into this.



Today Sgeht decided to take the next step of evolution. We proudly announce that Johannes “Newton” Gorzel will be released from his position as a game/team manager of the StarCraft II team A. To be honest: The whole StarCraft II team performed under expectations and ended up hurting Sgeht’s perfect reputation. This is why we proudly announce that Mr. Monkey will take over the job. Mr. Monkey is well known for his professional behavior and his year long experience. His first appearance as the new StarCraft II Manager was impressive and well behaved. Two adjectives which have never been used with Newton. Mr. Monkey plays StarCraft way better than most of Sgeht’s human members and has a fast decision making process when it comes to throwing poop on people. His short announcement speech was absolutely motivating for the people and we are happy to show you the footage:

Sgeht looks into a bright future with great StarCraftII matches, good organization and more success than ever before.  We will keep you updated about the changes made by Mr Monkey.


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