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28. März 2013

Hendrik’s Weekly #1: eSports – Fun, Challenge, Hobby, Work


In order to get my new article series into the right mood, I decided to start with a general article concerning the mindset of people in eSports. This topic is indeed one of the most difficult to face. Everyone starts being active in eSports due to having fun playing and/or watching games. However, often eSports becomes more. It becomes something we invest a lot of time and sweat and tears into. It is something wonderful and something horrible at the same time. So many times one walks the line in between the thoughts of “I love this” and “I want to quit”. This short article goes a bit deeper into the mind of an athlete and someone who works behind the scenes.



The athlete

The ones in the spotlight are the players. Usually a player just really likes playing the game. It starts with the pure urge for having fun and being social with your friends. Others even go one step further: They draw their self-confidence out of their favorite game. Let’s put the cards on the table: We love being good in a game! It is great to be respected by others because you are damn good at something.

Surpassing this is what Sgeht is supporting you for

And when your environment respects good players, your willingness to strive for better skills is just increasing. This is why good players need an environment which understand and respect good gameplay – they need other good players among them. This gets increasingly important in times of frustration. When one major factor for playing is, that you draw your self-confidence out of your performances, you lack confidence in times of bad performances. This is often the cause of many players’ ladder fear. Losing, having low confidence, feeling bad. Overcoming this is the most difficult and challenging aspect of your way to absolute professionalism. Surpassing this means accepting losses, learning out of mistakes and having a clear mind for future training. Surpassing this is what Sgeht is supporting you for.



The organization

Working in eSports is highly difficult. You need an amazing amount of dedication and motivation to keep up your work because many times you face situations in which you ask your self if all this work is actually worth it. Doesn’t matter if you are writing articles, organizing a team, designing things, hosting events or if you are the head of everything: In the end you barely get money, often times even have to pay. You invest so much time and in the end, you are not sure where the way goes. eSports can eat you alive when you don’t have the spirit.

do you have a clue what other hobbies cost? Me neither

But this is the challenge of this business. I could say that eSports is hard work, and it is, but it is way more a hobby. One that consumes time but which hobby does not? One that is often times expensive but do you have a clue what other hobbies cost? Me neither, but I’m sure a lot! Everyone in such an eSports organisation like Sgeht is working on this because he loves to become a valuable part of it – in any way. People’s talents come together and create a feeling of community, respect and acceptance in times, where people in reality face each other so often with mistrust and doubts. Maybe I got a bit off the road at this one but it is just a good feeling to get into Teamspeak, Skype or any other plattform and get together with people who share the same passion as you do.

This short first article shall show the people that people around them realize that what they invest. They see your articles, your images, your ranking, your victories – and they respect your for that. As do they for every time you get back on your feet after taking a loss.


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