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24. Februar 2013

sgehtHolymaster and his Dota2 Team

Sgeht Holymaster

Das deutsche Interview findet ihr hier

Hi Holymaster. First I want to welcome you at Sgeht! Introduce yourself.

Hello Sgeht! My name is Dennis Schumacher, I’m 22 years old and play Dota/Dota2 for 6 years now. Within the scene, I’m known for being a cup admin who is capable of playing decently good. Originally I come from Bavaria (born in Munich, grown up in Augsburg) but I moved to Berlin half a year ago in order to work on joinDota for Freaks 4U Gaming. Currently I’m studying maths (first for 2 years at the University Augsburg and since October at the FU Berlin). Still I had this crazy idea of building up a Team…
You are a true icon in the Dota scene and even beyond. Even League of Legends players know your name and associate it with competence and skill when it comes to the organization and execution of tournaments. It even got so far that you worked with Valve and Google is stuffed with interviews of yours. On, you are listed as “God”. How did you get to such an image?

Ultimately, the main reason is that I’m the best at what I’m doing !

In the beginning I happened to be in the right spot at the right time since dopeshow, the original head-admin of Farm4Fame hired me (even though I never administered one single Dota tournament and only made some coverages) and quit a few months later. As a result I was the only left F4F-Admin. This is why I got into an important position at the most prestigious online tournament at the time, pretty fast. I executed my job in a constant and reliable way what was, at that time, rather extraordinary. While nowadays almost every tournament is hosted quite decently, it was a catastrophe 3-4 years ago. My work at Dota-League got me the job at Freaks 4U Gaming where I can host more top tournaments – also due to the increase in fame of TobiWan. Ultimately, the main reason is that I’m the best at what I’m doing !

Let´s get past your personal fame and talk about your team. Please introduce your team mates by naming one characteristic, their role in the team and their strength.

P4iN – Plays in a band! Will soon succeed me as the most famous team member. He is not only our primary drafter but also our most versatile team member, since he can play almost every position decently well.

Slimshadow – Our carry. Usually farms as much creep as the rest of the team together and he dies the least stupid suicide moves from all of us (generally I’m the one who does the most).

n00bkuh – Full-blood support. Wards the whole map, even in freakin’ pub games. I think he can’t help it but it’s good for us. He has superior map overview and rarely goes unsung.

AnBi – One of three Dota players worldwide, who don’t overestimate themselves. I don’t know the other two. Plays secondary support or offlane.

Sounds awesome, but no one asked for weaknesses :P

Better than anyone else, you know how competitive the Dota-scene is. On what level do you see yourselves and what are your short-term and long-term goals you wanna achieve with Sgeht ?

Defining the skill level is very difficult for every team outside of Europe’s Top 50. Saying mid- or high-skilled is rather useless. In earlier times, one could say Div3-average or something like that, but there is no unified league. That’s why I use Dotabuff in this special case: From our individual skill, we are all better than at least 98% of all Dota2 players. Our team ranking is 4074, which results into place 354 within the team match-making (only after 8 matches so not absolute accurate). THAT’s our skill level. Now everyone knows.

We don’t have actual goals. In case we preserve that long, we want to reach a Top 3-5 placement at the Dota-LAN in August. ( Come ! At least those, who are worse than we are). Until then, we participate in
all open tournaments, in which we want to survive at least 2-3 rounds. We don’t have enough spare time to play more than that. Our short-term goals are simple: Play as much as we can and don’t tear each other to pieces after a few weeks. At least the last mentioned goal seems to work out. The day before this interview, we lost six times in a row (Valve, fix Team-MM plz!) and we didn’t flame each other to death, instead we analyzed rationally. A good sign !holymaster - god

Thanks for that interview! At this point, you have the chance to have a few open words.

Greetings to family and friends, who get to see this high quality content eventually around 5 corners. And to all those guys of Freaks 4U Gaming and joinDota which are only a single corner away


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