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5. Januar 2013

Hendrik’s Windows 8 Review – Introduction


Windows 8 hit the stores already some weeks (or even months ?) ago and still people are asking me whether I think it is something worth to install or not.  I didn’t really know, since I didn’t use it myself.

During the MTA-LAN event of Sgeht, I encountered a problem with my Notebook. The charger adapter inside the notebook was broken so I was neither able to recharge nor to play with full speed, since the Notebook hasn’t enough power with only a half charged battery which will run empty in no time. After I returned home, I sent my notebook into repair and used a substitute one from work instead for that period.

Today, my notebook arrived save at home. Everything is perfect again and it was repaired without any problems (here: Thanks to Medion! Many of my friends rolled with their eyes when I told them that I have a Medion notebook. First, I showed them all that with this i7, 8GB of RAM, a 2 gig graphics card and an SSD inside, my notebook out-powers many other computers – especially for the very low price I payed. And now I was even able to get it repaired 1,5 years after I bought it – for free. Great service !). Now I had my chance to make a little experiment. For the still quite low price (for Windows) of 30€ one can upgrade to Windows 8. Before sending my notebook to the customer service, I made a copy of all my important files on an external hard drive. There was no further risk of losing data. Also, I have been always open to new things when it comes to my computer. People can bitch around about Windows or Google all the time (bitching apple is something I love so that’s fine) but I love Beta builds and testing new stuff. So I took the chance and installed Windows 8 !

Now everything is set up and I want to give you an insight into my experiences with this new OS. Does it make sense to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 from our point of view? I mean: We are gamers. We want performance, we want to reach out for files or games with as less clicks as possible. We wanna have a clear overview over the most important things. So this is what I was hoping for.

I will separate my Windows 8 Review in different parts. The first one will be released the coming days. The second will follow about 2 weeks later. Maybe a third even another month later. I want to give you the chance to follow a possible change of minds to either direction. So: stay tuned

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  • sgehtOlibaby

    WTF! This is what i always was looking for. And i didn’t want to test it by myself. So great idea and thank you for that review, Hendrik! :)

    Greetz Yves